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Brea Plaza Project Opposition Petition

BOSC, the owner of the Brea Plaza (north of Imperial, west of Associated, east of 57), is proposing to demolish the vacant movie theater and build an 8 story apartment building in the back corner of the Plaza. The project would include 161 new residential dwelling units. Brea residents have […]

Club Upgrades!

Well the club has been getting some upgrades…it’s about time. There’s new lighting in the main lounge, game room and multi-purpose room. We got rid of the old track and recessed lighting and replaced it all with new LED recessed lighting. With the new lighting you could really see the […]

Community Meeting with Brea Police Department Update

Thanks to everyone who came out to our community meeting with the Brea Police Department. In a nutshell, though Brea PD asked for Mr. Papin’s bail to be very high, the judge reduced his bail to the minimum. He currently is still in jail, but has the means to make […]

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