Homeowners Association


Reminder to bring in your trash cans and store them out of site

A reminder that Brea City Code states that all trash receptacles must be stored out of site.  That means trash cans have to be put behind a fence at all times except on trash day.  Also, trash cans are to be rolled back out of site by sunset of trash […]

Architectural Change Form

One important thing needs to be mentioned…if you are planning to make any changes, replacements, upgrades or improvements to you home/property remember you have to fill out an Architectural Change Form prior to starting the project and submit it for approval. Please call the club or email me at nfoxhall@breaglenbrook.org […]

Brea Glenbrook Annual Meeting

Update: The Brea Glenbrook Annual meeting had to be rescheduled because we did not receive the number of ballots required to have quorum. The rescheduled Annual meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 9 at 8pm. You can still return your ballot but is must in the ballot box by […]

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