We are so excited to welcome our residents back to the pool and kick off the summer.  Please read the Temporary Facilities Use Rules as adopted by the Board of Directors on 06/09/2020 in accordance with the State and the OC Department of Health. 

Also big news…we have moved the vending machine to the outside so that anyone using the pool can purchase a treat!!!

The Temporary Facility Use Rules are intended to make the Association Pool accessible to the residents while promoting good hygiene and proper/required social distancing. 

Please know the risk of infection associated with COVID-19 is unknown and, while the Association is taking precautions to minimize risk, there is no way for the risk to be completely eliminated. 

Please understand that the Association’s ability to keep the facility open and mitigate the risk related to COVID-19 is dependent upon everyone working together with social distancing and doing their part to keep everyone as safe as possible. 

We know things may look different in 2020 than a typical summer at Glenbrook when we open, but we hope that you can be patient and support our staff in following the temporary rules as attached to this email.   

Please note that these Temporary COVID-19  Facility Rules may be updated or amended at any time.  

Clubhouse Operations: 

*NEW* Office Hours (for business only beginning on Monday, June 22, 2020) : 

Monday- Friday:  9:00 am – 6:00pm. 
Saturday/Sunday: Noon- 6 pm

Closed at this time: Game Room, Lounge, MPR, Kitchen, Drinking Fountain, Vending Machine, Upper Restrooms, Playground, BBQ/BBQ area, and Sports Court. No facility rentals.

Canceled for the Summer 2020: 4th of July BBQ; Group and  Private Swim Lessons;   BGST Swim Team / Masters Programs (possible modified Fall session); Aqua Aerobics; Volunteens. No other programs or activities until further notice.

Pool Operations: 

October 2020 Hours
M-F 3pm-6:30pm until October 30th. Weekend hours 12pm-6:30pm. Pool closes Nov. 1st for the season.

Open: Main Pool and Pool Deck Bathrooms 

Closed at this time: Wader Pool and Diving Board; Shower; Pool Toys/Equipment will not be available.

Call 714-529-8002 to make your reservation!   View possible available reservation options here: https://tinyurl.com/y7drug9q 
(Reservations must be made BY PHONE during the hours listed below. No voicemail messages.)

* To fully understand what is expected of you and each of your family members when utilizing the facilities and what restrictions and precautions are in place, you MUST READ the COVID-19 Summer 2020 Temporary Facilities Use Rules in its entirety

* Reservations may be made between the hours of 9am-6pm M-F; 12pm-6pm Sat/Sun. 

* Reservations are available one week at a time.  

* Reservations for Monday-Sunday will open the Friday prior.  

* To be fair, reservations will be limited to one sign up per family.   

* 24 hrs after your reservation, you may sign up for another reservation.  

* Maximum 3 reservations per week. 

* No children under 14 year of age may use the facility without an adult member from the same household. 

(A sibling 14 years or over may bring a younger sibling from the same household, but must have all waivers signed and the membership application for the household submitted prior to reservation. Must follow all regular rules and COVID-19 Temporary Facilities Use Rules. No exceptions.)

* You may only swim in your designated reserved area with members of your own household.

* Please arrive 5 minutes early to check in (see procedures in Temporary Facility Rules document)

* COVID Release & Liability Waivers: Before you may use the facility at the time of your reservation, you must fill out a COVID Release & Liability Waiver for each adult in your household as well as one Release and Liability Waiver for Minors that you can fill out and sign for all of the minor children in your household. These documents are attached as well and we ask that you please bring these with you to your first reservation so you don’t have to waste time filling them out when you are checking in.

* Membership Application: Must fill out and bring Pool Membership Application to your reservation. Applications are available in the Clubhouse office. Must bring your pool membership cards to every reservation thereafter.