PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The proposed project would require the demolition of the 18,450-square­foot-Brea Plaza 5 Cinemas (1,110 seats), the 7,500-square-foot Buca di Beppo, and 149 surface parking spaces,and subsequent development of an L-shaped building on approximately 3.8 acres in the northwestern portion of the 16-acre Brea Plaza Shopping Center to accommodate the proposed hotel, residential, restaurant, and office uses, and parking.

The proposed project would result in a net increase of 150 hotel rooms, 194 residential units, 198 parking spaces, and a reduction of 3,068 commercial square feet on the 3.8-acre portion of the 16-acre site.

BOSC Realty Advisors/Sevenco is proposing a mixed-use project in the Brea Plaza, at 57 & Imperial, which would demolish the Brea Plaza 5 theaterand Buca di Beppo to build a 150-room hotel, 194 residential units, office space, and restaurant space.

Since the project is adjacent to Glenbrook and will directly impact our residents, we have reached out to BOSC Realty Advisors/Sevencoon on behalf of the members of the Brea Glen brook Homeowners Association. Besides serious questions about the business case for an additional hotel in Brea beyond those already existing, under-construction, approved, and proposed, the Brea Glenbrook HOA Board of Directors have serious concerns about this project on multiple fronts including parking, traffic, and school occupancy. The owner, Mr. Nadhir, will be meeting with the Board of Directors in a closed meeting on Tuesday, October 13th, 2020.

We Want to Hear From You

We would like to include all of our residents’ questions and concerns regarding this project when speaking to Mr. Nadhir.

If you would like to leave a comment, voice a concern or ask a question regarding this project, please submit the comment form by
5PM on Monday, October 12, 2020. (link below)

We will compile a list of all of the questions to ask the developer. Minutes of the meeting will be emailed to all interested participants within a few days following the meeting and additionally posted to our website.


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Read the Glenbrook Board of Directors flyer 10/6/2020 (PDF)
Read the Board letter to the City and Developer 8/7/2020 (PDF)