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Glenbrook Staff


Brea Glenbrook Staff

Staff working the Family Fun Night.

The Clubhouse staff is seasonal at Glenbrook, and we have three regulars who stay on during the winter months. All three staffers continue to work throughout the year while going to college. You’ll see one, two or all three of them in the office when you stop by to pay your dues or set up a rental.

Kelly Lewis has been with us since June of 2009. She lifeguards, teaches group and private lessons throughout the summer season, does a frightfully good job setting up the Haunted Mansion and then puts her great decorating talents to work for the holidays. We always get so many compliments…it really does look beautiful.

Carolyn Lewis has worked at Glenbrook since June of 2013. She too lifeguards and teaches group swim lessons. She is also a gifted pianist.

Jared Gimbel started in June 2015, lifeguards and teaches swim lessons.

Club Manager Nancy Foxhall has been the clubhouse manager since 2008. She moved from Pennsylvania to Glenbrook in 2000 with her family and it has been an amazing journey for all of them.  Glenbrook is so welcoming and the greatest place to raise a family.  She considers herself very lucky to call Glenbrook her home!!!!