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Glenbrook Pool

2021 Membership Cards
The pool is open and you will need your 2021 club membership cards. Glenbrook residents that are in good standing (an account balance of zero) and over the age of 14 are eligible to apply for a club membership card. Residents are allowed 3 guests per household. Renters are required to present a utility bill showing their name and Glenbrook address.
To apply, fill out the Membership Card Request Form and bring it with you when you come to use the pool for the first time and we will make your cards while you are swimming. Please include all birth dates of members under the age of 18. The homeowner must sign and date the bottom of the form to be valid. Remember…you are required to show your membership cards every time you are use the pool so hook them to your pool bag.
If you should lose your card you will have to pay a $2.00 replacement fee.

Swim lessons start June 28, 2021. Also see below for details. Read the 2021 Glenbrook Aquatic Program brochure (PDF) 

Pool Summer Hours
Pool is open Monday through Sunday from 12-7pm…no reservations are required. There is one lane line in for lap swimmers. If you come to do laps and someone is already using the lane please be courteous and ask if they mind you sharing the lane with them.

Aqua Aerobics

Class is held on Mondays and Thursdays at 7:15pm.
Aqua aerobics will begin on June 21, 2021.

Member $30
Non-Member $40

2020 Pool: Need To Know

  1. It is very important that everyone understands the following:
    Swim Assistance apparatus IS NOT ALLOWED IN EITHER POOL!!!!
    No arm floaties, No body vests/life preservers, No slip on shirts with floaties in the sleeves, No innertubes of any kind...there are no exception

Glenbrook Pool

Pool Facilities Rules and Regulations
Updated April 2019

1. The Brea Glenbrook Club ("Association") pool, wading pool and pool area (collectively, the "Pool Facilities") are for the exclusive use of owners and residents in the Association and are not for the use of the general public or uninvited guests. A form of identification must be presented to the Association’s Staff before entry is permitted into the Pool Facilities.

2. Seasonal Pool Hours

  • Winter: Closed
  • Fall and Spring: Limited Hours. Hours will be posted on the Association's website when the Pool Facilities are open for the season.
  • Summer: TBA, subject to changes depending on Covd-19 guidance.

3. NO ONE is allowed in, or permitted to use the Pool Facilities unless there is a lifeguard on duty.

4. Children under 7 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by a responsiblemember 14 years of age or older who knows how to swim. Any child over 7 years of age
coming to swim alone MUST be able to swim proficiently. The decision that a child canswim proficiently is at the discretion of the Brea Glenbrook staff and Board of Directors.

5. Residents may not have more than three (3) guests per household in the Pool Facilities at any time. An adult resident must always accompany guests in the Pool Facilities. The homeowner is responsible for the conduct of any guests.

6. All residents are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and their guests. Please take all belongings with you when you leave the Pool Facilities. The Association is not responsible for any lost, missing or stolen items.

7. The Pool Facilities cannot be used or reserved for private parties.

8. No glass containers of any kind allowed in the Pool Facilities. Permitted drinks must be in non-breakable containers.

9. Use of alcohol is permitted in the Pool Area by members of legal drinking age. No alcoholmay be consumed in or brought in the Pool/Wader. No alcohol may be left unattended.The Brea Glenbrook Staff and Board of Directors reserve the right to rescind this privilegeat any time.

10. No drugs are allowed in the Pool Facilities or Pool Area. No one under the influence of drugsis permitted in the Pool Facilities or Pool Area.

11. If a member, or his/her tenants, guests, and invitees, in any way causes a disturbance toother residents, or allows misuse of the Pool Facilities, Pool Area, or violates the Pool Rules and Regulations, he/she may be fined and denied use of the facilities in the future.

12. No gum is allowed on the pool deck.

13. Smoking is not permitted in the Pool Facilities.

14. Running, pushing, shoving, towel whipping, or pulling in the pool area are not permitted. Horseplay, chicken fighting and boisterous conduct is prohibited since it may causes accidents and mayhinder the enjoyment of the pool area by others.

13. Diving into the pool is onlypermitted in the deep end of the pool only. OnlyONE person at a time is permitted on the diving board or pool ladders. When going off the diving board, swim to the side of the pool and not to the back wall. Inward or reverse dives are not permitted. Diving into the wader pool is not permitted.

14. Climbing on or diving from the lifeguard tower(s) and/or swim team diving blocks is not permitted.

15. Flips off the side of the pool are not permitted.

16. Lifesaving equipment located in the pool area is for EMERGENCY USE ONLY.

17. Floats, boards, swim fins, large toys, balls, or other floatation devices are not permitted in the pool or wader pool. Only approved dive sticks, dive rings and noodles are permitted in the pool.

18. No jump houses, or other inflatable play equipment is permitted in the pool area.

19. No surfboards, kayaks, canoes, body boards, scuba or diving equipment or other equipment may be used in or around the pool.

20. Bicycles, razors, roller blades, skateboards, tricycles, roller skates, scooters or any other type of wheeled bikes are prohibited in the pool area and the area around the pool facilities.

21. No throwing towels or clothes into the pool or wader pool.

22. No pets of any kind are allowed in the Pool Facilities. Service animals are permitted to accompany disabled persons into the pool area. If you require a service animal to be in the pool itself, please notify the Association so that arrangements and a reasonable accommodation may be arranged for your safety and that of the service animal.

23. Pets may not be tied, leashed or otherwise tethered to anypool fence, gate or surrounding trees.

24. No clothing other than normal swimming attire is to be worn in the pool. T-shirts are permitted to prevent sunburn.

25. Persons who are incontinent or not toilet trained must wear diapers with leak proof rubber pants or swim diapers when in the pool and wader pool.

26. Persons who have had diarrhea in the previous two weeks should refrain from using the pool or wader pool due to health risks.

27. No food, soaps, bubble bath, beverages, lotions, water conditioners, oils, additives or other chemicals or substances are to be used or put into the pool or wading pool. Only authorized and qualified Association personnel may use or put any substances into the water.

28. Each resident is responsible to ensure the gates are closed and locked when entering or leaving the Pool Facilities.

29. The use of radios, personal music players, televisions, etc. is prohibited in the Pool Facilities, unless used with headphones or earphones.

30. Cellphones may be used, but conversations should be conducted in low level voice with minimal noise or audio impact on others in the pool area.

31. Please use a towel to protect the surface of the pool furniture.

32. Please shower before using the pool or wader pool. Showers are only for persons using the Pool Facilities and not for individual personal hygiene not related to use of the pool facility.

33. Anyone urinating or defecating in the pool or wader pool is subject to immediate and permanent removal from the Pool Facilities and imposition of appropriate penalties, which may include charging residents with all costs of draining and cleaning of the pool or wader pool. Residents are also subject to fines for such action by their guests.

34. The pool equipment, including the pool and wader pumps, filters, and other machinery arenot to be adjusted, or tampered with. Only authorized Association personnel may adjustor modify the equipment.

35. The last 15 minutes of each hour is reserved for lap swimming. Persons not swimming laps during this time must be away from the sides of the pool. If no one is swimming laps within 5 minutes, free swim is called at that time.

36. Use of profanity or obscene language is prohibited. Abusive language or behavior, which is offensive to others and the Association's Staff, will NOT BE TOLERATED. The offending member(s) and/or guest(s) will be asked to leave immediately.

37. Violation of these rules can result in immediate removal from the Pool Facilities at the direction of an Association agent, in addition to further disciplinary action against the responsible homeowner.

38. The Board of Directors reserves the right to amend the rules as they see fit, as well as revoke the rights of any person not abiding by the rules, after notice and hearing.

Swim LessonsLearn the fundamentals of water mobility, buoyancy, and enjoyment. Ages 1 and older, with 1-3 students per class.  Three convenient sessions during the summer from mid June to mid August.

The class size has been reduced to 3 students maximum per class this year for the safety of the all the students and instructors. To limit the amount of exposure the instructors have we will not be offering evening classes. There will only be 3 sessions due to the fact that we are starting later than usual. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Glenbrook residents will have first priority to fill the swim classes. Residents can register through June 18th to guarantee a spot in the classes they choose. After June 18th, out of tract people will be taken from the waiting list and placed in open registration spots. ** Note: Non-members may ONLY be in the pool during class, NOT before or after** Registration Policy: To enroll in a swim session, payment must be made in full at time of registration.

Member $80 Non-Member $100

2021 summer lessons:

  • Session I
    June 28 July 9, 2021, M-F
    10:0010:30 Guppy
    10:3011:00 Polliwog, Guppy
    11:0011:30 Polliwog; Guppy
    11:3012:00 Tadpole
  • Session II
    July 12 July 23, M-F
    10:0010:30 Goldfish
    10:3011:00 Polliwog; Guppy
    11:0011:30 Polliwog; Guppy
    11:3012:00 Tadpole
  • Session III
    July 26August 6, M-F
    10:0010:30 Goldfish
    10:3011:00 Polliwog; Guppy
    11:0011:30 Polliwog (Guppy);  Guppy
    11:3012:00 Tadpole


Tadpole:  A water familiarization class.  Children work on interacting with the instructor, blowing bubbles, assisted floating, and assisted kicking.

Polliwog: Children will continue to work on floating and kicking skills. Introduction of arm strokes of freestyle and backstroke. Introduction to side breathing.

Guppy: Continue working on freestyle and backstroke. Perfecting side breathing timing.  Introduction to  breaststroke, diving, and treading water.

Goldfish:  Child must be able to swim 25 yards  freestyle with side breathing and 25 yards backstroke. Perfecting breaststroke, diving, and treading water. Introduction to flip turns and butterfly stroke.

Dolphin: An endurance swimming class.  Improving rhythm and timing with all strokes. Perfecting flip turns. Diving off the board. Introduction to competitive swim skills.

Private Swim Lessons:
Private lessons will be offered. To set up the dates and times for lessons, please call the club at 714-529-8002 to be placed on a call list. An instructor will contact you.

Here's the 2021 registration dates and lesson schedule. Starting June 28, 2021

Brea Glenbrook Swim TeamOur team is a seasonal competitive swim team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. The goal of our team is to provide every member an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability, from novice to international competitor.

Contact Christine Denbo at

To be added to our information/wait list, please fill out this online form.