Clubhouse Pool

Glenbrook Pool

Glenbrook PoolPool usually opens in the March or April. Swim team also uses the pool for practice and meets, so the hours vary until summer season opens. Large pool with diving board and toddler pool, which are staffed by lifeguards during regular pool hours.

Seasonal Hours

Winter: Closed

Spring: We are renovating the pool and bathrooms.

  • Opening of the pool is TBA, but our goal is to get both done by spring break (week of April 15, 2019) Updated status of the renovations can be found here.

2019 Membership cards will be available at the Clubhouse and online.

Summer: 12-6:45pm Monday through Sunday

Revised Brea Glenbrook Pool Policies 2014

Use of the club facilities acknowledges the Club Board and Staff’s responsibility and authority to enforce these policies.  Any violation of the policies should be immediately reported to the Club Staff.  Variance to these rules is permitted by direction of the Board of Directors or the Club Manager

The following are the rules governing the pool as set by the Glenbrook Board of Directors

  1. NO ONE is allowed in the pool or pool area unless a lifeguard is on duty.
  2. Management and Staff reserve the right to deny Club privileges to any member or guest due to unruly behavior, failure to comply with the rules or failure to comply with Staff requests.

Disciplinary action will be as follows: 1st offense-Warning, 2nd offense-15 minute “Bench”, and 3rd offense-Expulsion for a period of one to three days and parental counseling before re-entry.

No running, pushing, dunking, fighting, yelling or other disruptive behavior is allowed.  Abusive language or behavior, which is offensive to others or Staff, will NOT BE TOLERATED.  The offending member(s) and /or guest(s) will be asked to leave immediately.

  1. The wader pool is for children 6 years of age and younger and must be supervised by a responsible member 14 years or older who remains in the wader pool area with the child.
  2. Children under 7 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible member 14 years of age or older who knows how to swim.
  3. Children who can swim the width of the pool will be permitted in the deep end of the pool at the lifeguard’s discretion.
  4. No gum is allowed on the pool deck.
  5. Permitted drinks must be in non-breakable containers.
  6. NO floatation devices are allowed in the pool. Small children will NOT be allowed in the pool with any swimming assistance apparatus.
  7. Only approved dive sticks, dive rings and noodles are allowed in the pool.
  8. No climbing on or diving from the lifeguard tower(s) and swim team diving blocks is allowed.
  9. No flips off the side of the pool, dives are allowed in the deep end of the pool only.
  10. Only ONE person at a time on the diving board or pool ladders.
  11. When going off the diving board, swim to the side of the pool and not to the back wall.
  12. No inward or reverse dives are permitted.
  13. Adult swim is called the last 15 minutes of every hour. If no adults are swimming laps within 5 minutes, free swim is called at that time.
  14. During adult swim, all children will be totally away from the sides of the pool.
  15. No throwing towels or clothes into the pool.
  16. No towel whipping.
  17. No street clothes except t-shirts (to prevent sunburn) will be permitted in the pool.

Swim LessonsLearn the fundamentals of water mobility, buoyancy, and enjoyment. Ages 1 and older, with 1-6 students per class.  Four convenient sessions during the summer from mid June to mid August. Specific schedules and registration will be available closer to the summer season.

Tadpole:  A water familiarization class.  Children work on interacting with the instructor, blowing bubbles, assisted floating, and assisted kicking.

Polliwog: Children will continue to work on floating and kicking skills. Introduction of arm strokes of freestyle and backstroke. Introduction to side breathing.

Guppy: Continue working on freestyle and backstroke. Perfecting side breathing timing.  Introduction to  breaststroke, diving, and treading water.

Goldfish:  Child must be able to swim 25 yards  freestyle with side breathing and 25 yards backstroke. Perfecting breaststroke, diving, and treading water. Introduction to flip turns and butterfly stroke.

Dolphin: An endurance swimming class.  Improving rhythm and timing with all strokes. Perfecting flip turns. Diving off the board. Introduction to competitive swim skills.

Brea Glenbrook Swim TeamOur team is a seasonal competitive swim team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. The goal of our team is to provide every member an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability, from novice to international competitor.

Contact Christine Denbo at

To be added to our information/wait list, please fill out this online form.

Seasonal. Starts up in March.