Women's Club

We hope our Glenbrook neighbors and friends are doing well and that everyone is adjusting to our new way of life…children at home, spouses at home, staying indoors as much as possible but having the opportunity to go for walks in the middle of the afternoon if you want and the hardest part of all, maintaining social distancing. Good luck everyone and stay safe, strong and positive that we will all be having lots of fun together soon.

Co-Presidents Moneque Pratt and Helen Taylor

We Care

If there is someone you know in our Glenbrook that has had a baby, is getting married, is celebrating a milestone anniversary, has lost someone close or a pet or just needs a friendly note, let us know. Call the clubhouse at 714-529-8002 and leave a message for Beth Speakman. She will send a card to let them know we are thinking of them. Lets put a smile on a neighbor’s face,it might be just what they need.