Women's Club

Women’s Club had their second zoom meeting and it was a great success…the 2021 Board of Directors is in place, thanks to all of you for returning your ballots!!! The membership drive will continue this month. Simply fill out the application below and mail it with your payment to the club or drop it off and say HELLO. Your membership to the Women’s Club allows them to continue to give scholarships to our graduating seniors and make donations to help people in need. Thank you in advance …
President Helen Taylor

Meeting —April 26 at 7pm
Bunco: TBA

We Care

If there is someone you know in our Glenbrook that has had a baby, is getting married, is celebrating a milestone anniversary, has lost someone close or a pet or just needs a friendly note, let us know. Call the clubhouse at 714-529-8002 and leave a message for Beth Speakman. She will send a card to let them know we are thinking of them. Lets put a smile on a neighbor’s face,it might be just what they need.

Name: Card Sent
Ann Hamilton: Happy Birthday
Moneque Pratt: Happy Birthday