Neighbors, On April 5th, Brea City Council will hold a public hearing on the proposed Brea Plaza Expansion Project. The owner of Brea Plaza is proposing to build an 8-story, 161-unit apartment building in the back corner of the Plaza where the parking lot with the Covid test site currently is. Many of us are opposed to this project for reasons such as increased traffic at already dangerous intersections, insufficient parking at the Plaza, impact to Brea schools, aesthetics, and many more. After the public hearing, the City Council will vote on whether or not to approve the zoning change which will allow the project to be built.

We ask that you either attend the City Council meeting in-person, attend via Zoom, or email your concerns to the city prior to noon on the 5th. If you choose to attend in-person, please wear red to signify your alignment with those opposed to the project and IMPORTANTLY: be respectful of the process and do your best to limit noises and interruptions (for example: booing or cheering after someone speaks). We have been very vocal about this project for quite a long time now. City Council and City staff are very much aware of this, and we do not want to undermine the progress we’ve made by being disrespectful. We also do not want to give any fuel to the project proponents’ claims that we are a bunch of “rabble rousers”.

If anyone can assist in handing out flyers for this event, please see Nancy at the clubhouse. Similar to last time, we will have a map of the neighborhood you can sign use to sign up.  Together we can make this happen!

We hope to see you or hear from you on the 5th!Thank you,

Glenbrook HOA

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