BOSC, the owner of the Brea Plaza (north of Imperial, west of Associated, east of 57), is proposing to demolish the vacant movie theater and build an 8 story apartment building in the back corner of the Plaza. The project would include 161 new residential dwelling units.

Brea residents have voiced numerous concerns about adding such a large development at this location, including: parking, traffic, schools, air quality for residents, etc.

At two separate Brea Planning Commission public hearings on the projects, the commissioners heard from dozens of residents opposed to this project and only a handful voices in support of the project from individuals who stand to gain financially if the project is approved.

In spite of all of this, the planning commission voted 4-0 (with one absence) in favor of the project.

This project is now headed to Brea City Council for approval in the next couple of weeks.

Please sign this petition to show City Council that we, the residents (AND VOTERS) of Brea, do not want this project.

If they approve this project, we will file a referendum on the 2022 ballot.