Things to Remember!!!

  1. We need everyone’s HELP!!!! Please report any suspicious activity you observe in our neighborhood. We have had a house broken into recently and the porch bandits are back stealing our packages. The only way to help reduce this influx of crime in our neighborhood is to report anything and everything you see that doesn’t seem right and hopefully working together and being proactive we can make Glenbrook a less desirable place to commit a crime. Let’s look out for each other, be aware and call the police !!!!
  2. There is no swim assistance apparatus allowed in either of the Glenbrook pools. This includes life vests, arm floaties, arm bands, and/or water wings!!! Children that can’t swim must be WITH AN ADULT in the big pool and the wader pool.
  3. Please pick up your dog waste and don’t let your dogs run on other residents’ property. Be courteous and mindful of your neighbor’s space.
  4. Residents are only allowed up to 6 guests per household no matter how many cards you have.
  5. Follow the Glenbrook rules for both the pool and the club when you are on the club grounds and/or using the pool. You can find the full list of rules are on our website.
    Thank you
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