The club and the pool are fully open.

  • The club hours are Monday—Friday 9-7 and Sat & Sun 12-7.
  • Residents can book rentals.
  • Pool is open Monday through Sunday from 12-7pm…no reservations are required. There is one lane line in for lap swimmers. If you come to do laps and someone is already using the lane please be courteous and ask if they mind you sharing the lane with them.
  • The new pool furniture is scheduled to arrive on Friday, August 6th.
  • Swim lesson program ends August 6th.
  • Swim Team finishes up on August 12th.
  • We will have 1 movie night and 2 late night swims in August.
    • Movie night will be August 13th at 8pm.
    • The late night swim dates are August 20th and August 27th at 8pm.

Let’s finish the summer with lots of fun!!!

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