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Latest HOA Announcements

Reminder: Water Conservation In Effect

The Brea City Council water conservation ordinance became effective on July 16, 2009. Efforts to conserve remain important in order to protect supplies. Wasteful practices are always prohibited under statewide restrictions that have been made permanent. Outdoor Read more…


Before Starting Your Improvement Project, Check HOA CC&R

Home improvement projects kick into high gear this time of year. Before starting any project, please read the Architectual Control and Improvements section in the HOA CC&R to adhere to the guidelines for Glenbrook HOA. Read more…


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The Board of Directors meeting is on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m., held at the club.

Meeting Minutes

Annual Election

Our Annual Meeting is held the 4th Thursday in July at 8:00pm at the clubhouse. We request all residents to either return their ballots, completed and valid, to the club by 5:00pm on the day of the meeting or attend the meeting and bring their completed ballot with them. A completed ballot is one that has been filled out by the homeowner and placed in the small inner envelope then sealed. It becomes valid once the inner envelope is placed in the mailing envelope, SEALED and the upper left-hand corner of the mailing envelope has the homeowner’s name, property address and their signature.  Renters are not eligible to vote. If any renters receive a ballot packet please contact the club so this important information can be sent to the homeowner as soon as possible.

Please take the time to vote.


Board Members
President Beth Riley
Vice President Deb Eliason
Treasurer Tim Gutkowski
Secretary Christine Denbo
Architectural Control Darcie Giacchetto
Building and Grounds John Kern
Management Liaison Bridget Steffensen
Paying Dues

Monthly HOA dues are due on the first of each month, and are considered delinquent on the 15th.

You can pay multiple ways:

  1. Pay in person at the club.

  2. Pay through your bank.  When asked for the account use your physical address so we can credit the correct account.  Your bank will then send a check to the club.
  3. Pay online...Coming soon.